The (not so) secret sauce to effective e-Learning

Technology alone does not transform information into knowledge: active engagement works as a catalyst in the transformation.
The conversion rate of information into knowledge grows in proportion to the learner's engagement.

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DTales supplies all-in-one integrated solutions, supporting you at every step of your training process.

Our dedicated team of e-Learning specialists, digital entertainment experts, artists, designers and programmers will be at your disposal with timely, reliable and effective consulting services.

What our customers say about us

“I have worked with DTales for years and our relationship is based on trust and respect. The DTales team stands out for the time and effort spent sorting out problems: they really care about the success of your projects. They are great at graphics and animations and they are excellent partners overall!”

Myriam Tedeschi
WW Retail Performance and Sales Training Director

Bulgari SpA

“I had many opportunities to work with Digital Tales in the past and recent years. I consider them more than a vendor, they are real partners: being client-centric, always looking forward to client's satisfaction and anticipating needs, they are able to reach the desired objectives in a timely manner.”

Alessandra Santonocito
Worldwide Retail Training Director