Mrs Spelling And... The Fumbles!

Musical meets digital technology

Fumbleland’s spelling teacher – crazy, air headed Mrs. Spelling – interacts with a huge iPad-like screen onstage (her ‘home page’, which is actually her very original home). This edutainment project speaks our digital-native kids’ language, while also giving them a chance to enjoy live acting.

In Fumbleland, when a kid makes a spelling mistake… a Fumble is born! If he adds an H in front of AIRPLANE … a stubborn little HAIRPLANE will pop out of his notebook! If he writes RAINCOW instead of RAINBOW… guess who comes ‘muuuing’ out of his tablet?

Sara Spelling’s students generate Fumbles in class every morning. The rascals hide on the teacher and end up at her place where, instead of sitting quietly to correct homework, she goes on crazy Fumble hunts to convince the creatures to give up their wrong letters!!!

The show, which is full of jingles, catchy songs and funny animations by Digital Tales, introduces English as a foreign language thanks to the Bilingual Method by Teresa Pascarelli, a successful producer and conductor who also created other popular edutainment projects and TV shows (such as “1,2,3… Perché? Impara l’inglese con me!”, “Nuts” or “Tracy e Polpetta”).

Digital Tales supported producer and conductor Teresa Pascarelli in designing the Fumbles characters, interactions and animations for the series and the interactive musical.

The Fumbles debuted on February 16th 2014 in Rome, Teatro Sistina (1500 seats), with the interactive digital live show “Mrs. Spelling and… the Fumbles!”, followed by a workshop. The show and workshop successfully filled the house, so the Fumbles went on a tour around Italy in 2014 and 2015 (Rome, Milan, Turin, Novara, Bologna).