Battleloot Adventure

Helm on and roll out... your adventure is about to begin!

Strategic tapping is the name of the game in this stylish, accessible loot-fest. It’s cheap, addictive, nice to look at, and quite a bit of fun."

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A generous, beautifully presented turn-based RPG that's tremendously entertaining in sensible doses."

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In a land where the only thing bigger than a hero’s heart is his head (literally), Battleloot Adventure creatively blends comedy, turn-based combat and role-playing for a whimsical adventure like no other! Battleloot Adventure will take you on an epic quest into the heart of Kameloot, a wealthy realm threatened by viciously grumpy monsters, ruthless mercenaries, fire-breathing dragons and last, but not least, vexing taxes!

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Key Features



For Battleloot Adventure, we want players to make strategic choices and always achieve what they have in mind. We believe the goal is to battle against monsters and foes, not the touch controls themselves. This means you won’t find yourself furiously tapping everywhere on screen, and your fingers won’t risk to slide a little further or pick the wrong target during one messy brawl.

The game uses a turn-based system, so that players have all the time they need to plan their attack and manage their resources.

Each turn, they will be asked to choose a character to use or attack with, carefully picking targets to exploit enemies’ weaknesses as well. That’s because monsters aren’t all the same, and each may prove tougher or weaker depending on what weapons are used against them. Players will soon learn about different types and how to make the most out of each attack. Or they will soon find themselves eating dust, should they just rush forward randomly tapping sheep and orcs alike.

All Battleloot characters share the same resource, called “Energy”. That’s what allows them to perform unique, useful feats that can make a difference between an enjoyable victory and an embarassing defeat. Energy recovers quite slowly and it’s important that players learn how to manage it, to avoid looking helplessly at their exhausted characters while angry boars are charging at them.

There are different special actions that can be performed using Energy, including “Assists” and “Blocks”. Both are reactive skills that must be triggered under certain conditions.

“Assists” happen when your lead character is attacking. By tapping another adventurer and consuming some Energy, he / she will quickly jump into battle, adding hits to the total, as well as more damage. Assists are activated in real-time, so you have to be quick and chain your characters together before your main attack is over!

“Blocks” happen when you’re under attack. By tapping any character with enough Energy available, he /she will take a defensive stance that will greatly reduce damage. Mind that this will happen in real-time, so if you’re too slow to Block you’ll probably lose most of its benefits.

For Battleloot Adventure, our goal is to mix turn-based strategy with a few fast paced actions, creating something to appeal the tastes of both role-playing and casual games enthusiasts.

“Stars” are a special resource players can collect during combat. Thanks to Stars, characters will be able to perform certain special actions, better explained in the next tutorial.

Collecting Stars is a very crucial aspect of battle, because the harder the quests get, the more need there will be for special, spectacular skills.
Whenever attacks connect on a monster, the “Combo Hits” counter will go up. Then, at a certain time, a Star will appear on the screen at a random position and will only last for a very short amount of time.

The only way for players to spot the precious resource more easily, and increase their chance to tap and collect it, is to increase their Combo Hits: the more the hits, the longer the Star will keep on shining before dissapearing. So, learning about monsters’ weaknesses and using Assists will prove even more useful, as they will both help racking up higher numbers.

Our idea behind the whole Star collecting mechanic is to keep players on their toes, more so during difficult struggles , when a special skill could really make a difference between victory and defeat.

“Special Skills” are the ultimate resource available to players’ characters. Like the name suggests, they’re abilities with a very *special* feeling to them, going from spectacular attacks to awesome power-ups. And yes, one will even feature robot chickens.

Players can call forth these impressive moves by collecting and spending Stars.

Special Skills can either be offensive or defensive and may require to pick a designated target, or just affect a whole area.
Each character will have his / her own, one available right at the start, the other requiring some training and Talent choices. Players will be encouraged to determine what skill works best against a certain angry pack of monsters, or which one can become a real life-saver, after a magical fireball toasted most of the group.

As you can see from the diagram above, Battleloot Adventure’s “Edge system” works as follows:
each class is strong against the following class on the wheel and weak against the previous class.